torstai 24. syyskuuta 2015

Tervasaippua nro 2 - Tar soap 2

Minun on ollut jo pitkään tarkoitus tehdä uusi erä tervasaippuaa, ja nyt sain vihdoin aikaiseksi. Tällä kertaa saippuamassa kiisselöityi nopeammin ja muottiin kaatamisen aikana massa muuttui mämmimäiseksi. Koska käytän tervasaippuaa erityisesti hiustenpesuun, kaadoin saippuan pieniin kakkumuotteihin.  Tästä satsista sain 12 kakkua ja yhden pienen koepalan.

I've planned to make new batch of tar soap for a long time, and now I finally got it made. This time soap got traced far more faster and it turned to "Finnish Easter Pudding"-like when I was pouring it to the molds.  I like to use tar soap especially for my hair so I used little cake molds here. I got 12 little cakes and one test piece from this batch.

4 kommenttia:

  1. How is this soap, Sini? Do you like tine par in shampoo? I made only once pine tar soap... maybe I should look for some more pine tar to make more soaps!

    1. I followed Jan Berry's recipe here (same than last time), so this is meant to be soap, but I also use it as shampoo bar. My hair and scalp (which is quite itchy sometimes) likes it a lot. And my dry skin too, of course. There is a lot of tar in these soaps, sometimes you can see soaps where is only little amount of tar in them. How did you like yours?

  2. Sini, I stopped using soaps as shampoo: in the beginning i liked it, after some 6 months it was getting badly...itchy(i have to update my post on it as well). After my readings, it seems that soap isn't the best solution for scalp and it was in my case, but I found powders like rasshoul(Maroccan clay) and shiikakai which work for me( since March this year), so i am doing a kind of no-poo. I like it for the moment, and I hope to continue like this, but you may never know... Hope it helps in yyour case this pine tar, please let me know.

  3. I've used soaps or shampoo bars for my hair about three years in a row now, and my scalp is much less itchy than it used to be earlier. Everyone needs to find a way that suits them, I'm glad you've found yours. :) Tar soaps help with my case, but I also love my lavender soap as shampoo, and my nettle-rosemary shampoo bar.