torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

Puhdistuspala 2 - Cleansing bar 2

Kokeilin äskettäin ensimmäistä kertaa puhdistuspalojen tekemistä ja käyttöä.

Tässä seuraava kokeiluerä, tyrni-puhdistuspalat. Nämä ovat kaurapalojakin pehmeämpiä, joten pakastin taitaa olla jääkaappia parempi vaihtoehto säilytykseen.

Tyrnipuhdistuspalat / Sea buck thorn cleansing bars

11 g      mangovoi / mango butter
10 g      karitevoi / shea butter
13,5 g   tyrniuutettua manteliöljyä / sea buck thorn infused sweet almond oil
6,5 g     risiiniöljyä / castor oil
11 g      vaaleanpunaista Arquiletz-savea / pink Arquiletz clay (minulla ei ollut enempää/I didn't have more)
7  g       tyrnijauhetta / powdered sea buck thorn

Few days ago I tried making and using cleansing bars for the very first time.

Here is my second tryout-batch, sea buck thorn cleansing bars. These are even more soft than oat bars, so freezer might be better place to store them than fridge.

4 kommenttia:

  1. I'm curious to see how you like this one...I've heard great things about Sea Buckthorn but I've never had the chance to try it.

    1. I tried these yesterday, and they are wonderful. Easy way to clean make up and nourish skin at the same time. I noticed this morning, that my pores are "extra clean", if I can say so. I never have any black heads or anything, but still. And after shower I used my sea buck thorn cream and lotion for face and body. Sea buck thorn is very vitamin rich berry, it's not sweet and it is expensive because they are so hard to pick. I was lucky last year, my nice neighbors let me pick their leftovers and then my brother's family gave me a box of dried berries for Christmas.

  2. I'm very suspicious with every alternative, non-bubbly way of cleaning my face, because I have oily type of skin and I don't need an extra greasiness on my skin, especially not in cleaning face.Your skin type is different, you might find this method fits you better than using soap.
    However, I would be a good tester for every cosmetic maker, cos I like experiencing new goodies.

    1. Using just a very small amount at the time and wiping well with wet washing cloth your skin won't be too greasy. And there is no need for moisturizer afterwards, if your skin is oily. Aloe gel works great after this kind of face cleaning.